Portrait of Adam

Hi, I’m
Adam Elitzur

Programmer and Python Instructor



Omer language tutor portfolio
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A website to learn languages through songs. Just enter a song and follow along with the translation!

Omer language tutor portfolio
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Language Tutor Portfolio

I coded a language tutoring portfolio website for a client of mine. I learned how to implement dark mode during this project.

Posnack Pulse
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The Posnack Pulse

I am the editor-in-chief of my school's student-run newspaper, and I made the website using Wordpress.

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Insurance Homepage

I collaborated on this insurance company homepage project with Tyrell Curry. I learned about collaboration workflows and more complex layouts.

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Snipper Landing Page

Snipper was my first web development landing page project. I learned about making responsive websites with a hamburger menu dropdown.

About Me

I have been learning programming for over 4 years and really love it. I started with Python, and then web development, specifically HTML, CSS, and JS, where I built many projects. I then learned Java. Now I am getting into machine learning, which is a whole new world that I am very excited about.

I completed three programming courses, Colt Steele's Web Development Bootcamp, Modern Python 3 Bootcamp, and CS50 (Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science), which I completed the summer before 9th grade. Studying alongside first year students at Harvard and successfully solving the same problem sets that they were all given, gave me the confidence to continue on this journey.

I am interested in programming mainly because I love the feeling of constant learning, problem-solving, and being challenged. Learning programming comes naturally to me, and I feel that the community around programming is very supportive, which I really like too.

I also love teaching, and therefore, I volunteered to teach programming to students in the United States last year with the partnership between Coditum and Hudson Scholars. After Coditum formed another partnership with the non-profit Goldeneye Foundation, which supports underprivileged youth in Jamaica, I was asked to teach Python to Jamaican students under this program.